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DotNetNuke, or DNN, is the a user-friendly Content Management System, or CMS. DNN is based upon the Mircosoft.Net platform and offers both an open-source "Communit Edition" and well as a paid edition. There is a growing community of developers around the world, more than 80,000, which are developing DNN Modules for added functionality and Web Site Skins that address many design issues. CCF Consulting specializes in designing DNN web pages as-well-as hosting DNN web sites. 

CCF Consulting Adds DNN Training As A Service

Posted on 2/18/2013 by Byron Clarke in DNN Dot Net Nuke Content Management System CMS DNN Training

With Dot Net Nuke, DNN, growing as one of the fastest Content Management Systems, CMS, on the Internet CCF Consulting has added DNN training as a new service.

"A Content Management System is suppose to make your web site easy to operate," said CCF Consulting President chad Clarke. "But you need to know how to use the software to make the necessary changes and we feel that one on one training is the best way to go."

DNN training is offered in person and remotely over the Internet.

"We have trained clients throughout the United States and even trained one client in Switzerland," said Clarke. "This is a beneficial service for people that want a web site that they control and can make changes to."

"Over the years we have found out that clients that are in control of their own web site and that have the ability to make changes on their own have a greater success rate with their projects," he added.

DNN training covers the following:

  • System Overview
  • Using the DNN Toolbar
  • Adding Pages
  • Modifying Page Settings
  • SEO Page Optimization
  • Adding Modules (new and existing)
  • Managing Users and Roles (as needed)
  • Using the Text HTML Module
  • Using Additional Modules (training not available for all DNN modules)

The purpose of Content Management Systems is to make it easier for web site owners to change content on their web site without the hassel of installing and running software on their pc or laptop. Content Management Systems are web based so all of the software sits on the server and is maintained by the host ... end users just need a username and password to logon to their site.

Other CMSs include WordPress and Joomla, both are Linux based applications while DNN runs on the Microsoft .NET platform.

"When we were looking at which CMS to use for our clients and development projects, DNN had the easiest to use interface for users with little or no knowledge of web design," Clarke said. "The basic text/html module that is used on every DNN site looks and feels like Microsoft Word, and since just about everyone has used Microsoft Word it makes training easy."

CCF Consulting offers instructional documents and videos for DNN, but believes that hands on training is the best approach. Most training sessions take 1-2 hours.

For more information or to set-up DNN training contact CCF Consulting at 228.867.6008 or 888-445-8694.   

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