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DotNetNuke, or DNN, is the a user-friendly Content Management System, or CMS. DNN is based upon the Mircosoft.Net platform and offers both an open-source "Communit Edition" and well as a paid edition. There is a growing community of developers around the world, more than 80,000, which are developing DNN Modules for added functionality and Web Site Skins that address many design issues. CCF Consulting specializes in designing DNN web pages as-well-as hosting DNN web sites. 

Control Your Website Now With DNN!

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Byron Clarke in Website DNN Dot Net Nuke Content Management System CMS web sites

We are now giving clients across the country the ability to manage their own web sites with DNN. DNN is the premier Content Management System (CMS) for clients that are serious about managing their web sites.

No more maintenance fees. No more waiting for someone else to do the work.

DNN is an advanced content management module that allows flexible content organization, publishing, presentation, and syndication. Common content such as articles, news, announcements, press releases, etc can be organized into unlimited levels and categories. The content can then be presented and filtered across the website and made available publicly or by subscription.

Great for image galleries, Flash image rotation, uploading videos, with thousand of other modules that give clients advanced features at a fraction of the cost associated with old school web sites.

Diamondhead Country Club
The Grand Biscayne
Gulf Coast United
Concourse Business Center

Call today to learn more about converting your website to DNN.
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