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Looking for a boost in the Search Engines

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Byron Clarke in Search Engines meta tags keywords description meta tag keywords meta tag

Check your meta tags!

What is a meta tag? A meta tag is a tag within the code of a web site that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page. The information provided in a meta tag is used by search engines to index and rank your website.

If your site does not use the meta tags correctly or not at al,l then people will not be able to find your web site on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or MSN / AOL.

There are several kinds of meta tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the keywords meta tag and the description meta tag. The keywords meta tag lists the words or phrases that best describe the contents of the page. The description meta tag includes a brief one- or two-sentence description of the page.

Both the keywords and the description should match the content on your web page. Search engines match the meta data to the content of the web page to determine which web site is the best.

Click here to test the meta tags on your web site.

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