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Use Parallels Panel To Manage Your E-mail - Part II

Posted on 10/31/2012 by Byron Clarke in E-mail POP accounts e-mail forwarders e-mail aliases auto responders mailing list spam filtering white list spam

With the Parallels Control Panel you can manage all of your e-mail accounts. You can manage POP accounts, e-mail forwarders, e-mail aliases, auto responders, and mailing list.

You will also have the ability to manage your spam filtering including white list to allow mail through and black list to stop messages that appear to be spam.

With the Parallels Panel you will have full access and control of all e-mail accounts associated with your domain / URL.

Select Domain To Manage

After logging into your Parallels Control Panel you will need to select the domain that you wish to manage. If you have multiple domains you will have to return to this point each time that you want to manage e-mail for a different domain name or URL.
Select the domain that you want to manage in your Parallels Control Panel.

Manage Your E-mail Subscription

Once you have selected the domain that you wish to manage you will be brought to the domain home page. On this page you will be able to see resource usage for disk space and data traffic. To manage your e-mail you will need to need to look under "My Subscriptions" and Click on the link that reads "Manage In Control Panel".
Click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS to make change to the domain / URL.

Manage E-Mail Accounts

Once at the domain Home page you can look under the heading "Mail". From here you can manage existing e-mail accounts and existing mailing list, or you can create new e-mail accounts and new mailing list.
Under "Mail" yoiu will be able to manage all e-mail accounts.

Manage Your E-mail Account

Once under "Mail" you will be able to manage individual e-mail accounts, the mailbox size for the particular account, and manage passwords. You cannot see the existing passwords you can only change them for security purposes.
Manage individual e-mail & create accounts, select mailbox size, and manage passwords

Manage Your E-mail Forwarding

If you have a general account that you want forwarded to one or more e-mail addresses select "Forwarding" from the menu, check the box that reads "Switch on mail forwarding", and add the e-mail adress(es) that you wish to forward mesages too.
Forward e-mail to one or multiple e-mail accounts

Managing Your E-Mail Aliases

An e-mail aliase may be a generic e-mail account (ie. that you want forwarded to your existing account(s). Under the menu select "E-mail Aliases" and add as many aliases as you like.
Manage e-mail aliases.

Managing Your E-mail Auto Replys

An auto-responder in a message sent to everyone that e-mails you. To manage an auto responder for your e-mail account select "Auto-Reply" from the menu, check the box that reads " Switch on auto-reply", add your message and the from e-mail address, and click "OK".
Use Parallels Panell to set-up your e-mail auto responders.

Managing Your E-mail Spam Filter

Our e-mail filter allows you to pro-actively fight SPAM and junk e-mail. Select the tab marked "Spam Filter", check the box marked "Switch on spam filtering for this e-mail address", and the decide if you want to marke suspect messages as "*****SPAM*****" or if you want to delete the suspect messages directly. You can also adjust your filter sensativity, white list, black list, trusted languages, trusted locations, and trusted networks.
Manage your SPAM Filter to stop junk e-mail.


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